Master thesis projects

Open projects
  •  ... currently we have our hand fulls but you are welcome to contact us for next semester
Previous projects
  • Terrain machine learning, Vitor Wiberg
  • Simulation based exploration of a loading strategy for a LHD-vehicle, Daniel Lindmark
  • Parallel implementation of the projected Gauss-Seidel method on the Intel Xeon Phi processor – Application to granular matter simulation, Emil Rönnbäck
  • Parallel projected Gauss-Seidel solver for large-scale granular matter - Examining the physics of the parallel solver and development of a multigrid solver, Johan Sundberg
  • Discrete time variational mechanics of multidomain systems: Applications to coupled electronic, hydraulic, and multibody systems, Tomas Sjöström
  • A Parallel Blocked Multifrontal Implementation of Colesky Factorization for Sparse Matrices, Olof Sabelström
  • A constraint based viscoplastic fluid model of granular matter, John Nordberg
  • Discrete event simulations in forestry technology, Linus Jundén
  • Smooth and nonsmooth approaches to simulation of granular matter, Stefan Hedman
  • Constraint Fluids on GPU*, Martin Nilsson
  • Parallel Simulation of Particle Fluids*, Mattias Linde
  • Phun*, Emil Ernefeldt
  • Realtime Simulation of Wires, Fredrik Nordfelth
  • Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Objects, Niklas Melin
  • Rigid Body Simulation of Macro Molecules, Christian Svebilius
  • Simulation of off-road Vehicle, Erik Linder
  • Shared Control of Mechanical Systems in Virtual Environments, Anders Hansson
  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on the Cell Broadband Engine*, Nils Hjelte
* = was run at VRLab at Umeå University